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A Shield Around Me

A Shield Around Me
Psalm 3

Today is Wednesday January 13, 2021. There has been an unbridled attack on conservative politics, but believe me when I say biblical values and teaching might be next week and certainly doesn’t seem very far off. Please be praying for our country. And please be putting in a concerted effort to strengthen your walk with the Lord, to prepare you to be his good witness when they come to cancel your voice, or when they come to cancel the church’s voice.

Today, I want to share a devotion I did in March of 2020. I ask you to do the work to apply Psalm 3 to your life, today, specifically. I pray God speaks to you through his living Word and by his Holy Spirit. Open your Bible to Psalm 3 and if you’re able, get a journal and something to write with.

This Psalm will be in the anxiety and worry section of our devotions. I’ll be praying Psalm 3 today.

Set your mind on God’s Word. Allow God’s Word to begin to sink into your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to begin applying God’s Word to your specific circumstances, or your situation today.

Psalm 3 and probably Psalm 4 were both most likely written when David was driven out of Jerusalem, running for his life, because his son, Absalom had stolen the kingdom from him. You can find the story in 2 Samuel 15 and the following chapters. Absalom, David’s own son, had convinced the people to turn against David. Absalom had taken the kingdom by deceit and manipulation, and Absalom had David running for his own life from his own son.

His anxiety and his grief had to be off the chart. David was crushed, but he knew the Lord was still with him.

Psalm 3:1 David says, O Lord, I have so many enemies; so many are against me. And Lord, we may say the same thing today. We may feel the same way today, Lord, there are so many things coming against us. We feel so surrounded, even crushed by our circumstances.

But Psalm 3:3 says, But you, O Lord, are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one who holds my head high. Lord, it’s you. You are my shield. You are my glory. You are the lifter of my head. I trust you, Lord. I depend on you, Lord. I rely on you alone, Lord.

Just as Psalm 3:4 says, I cried out to (you) Lord, and (you) answered me from (heaven) from your holy (place), Lord. You heard my cry and you answered me. And so, as verse 5 says, I laid down and slept. Lord, I was able to lay down and sleep. And I woke up in safety, Lord, for (you) were watching over me. Because you are my shield, Lord. Because you do answer me from heaven.

Psalm 3:6 says, I am not afraid of ten thousand enemies who surround me on every side. And Lord, we say today, I am not afraid of my circumstances though they surround me on every side. Though it feels like they’re crushing in on me, Lord, I’m not afraid because of who you are in my life, Lord. Because I know you. And because you know me. And because you are my shield, you are my glory, Lord. You are the lifter of my head. And so, I cry out to you in faith, Lord.

From Psalm 3:7-8. (I cried) Arise, O Lord! Rescue me my God! My victory (verse 8 says) will come from you O Lord. My strength will come from you, Lord. My peace will come from you, Lord. You are my shield. You are my glory. You are the lifter of my head, you’re the one who holds my head high. And so, Lord, I trust in you, alone.

I will lay down and sleep, Lord, and I will wake up in safety because you are watching over me, because you are my victory, you are my strength, and you are my peace, Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

So now, comes your turn. I pray the Holy Spirit has been bringing up in your heart the way that God’s Word relates and speaks to your situation and your circumstances today. And so now, it’s time to apply God’s Word.

The question is, how does this scripture and also our prayer today, apply to your life, specifically? Personally? Have you been asking God to search you and to show you where the Word applies? If so, then talk to him about it right now. If you’re a “journaler” write about it right now. How do these words in Psalm 3 from King David relate to your life, today?

And then the third step in the devotion is to take action. It’s to respond to the Lord. How can you respond to the Lord, today, about this scripture in Psalm 3? About these truths – that though your circumstances may be crushing in around you, though you may feel so overwhelmed, that the Lord is with you. That he is your shield. He’s the lifter of your head. He will answer you from heaven. You can lay down in peace and sleep. And you will wake up in safety because the Lord is watching over you.

How do you respond to the Lord in your specific situation? That thing that the Holy Spirit is bringing up in your heart, what’s your response to God? Is there something you can do? Is there something you can say to the Lord? Is there some commitment in your heart that you can make to the Lord? Is there something you need to say to someone else about this? If you write, can you write about this?

Lord, you are my shield, you are my glory. You are the lifter of my head. You are my protector. You are my covering, Lord. You are my shepherd. And so, Lord, though my circumstances surround me, though they feel like they’re crushing me, I’m not afraid of them, Lord. I cry out to you, Lord. Rise up and rescue me, my God! My victory will come from you, Lord. My strength in these circumstances will come from you. And Lord, most importantly, my peace will come from you, Lord. Not even from my circumstances being fixed, but from you.

I trust you, Lord. I trust you in the midst of what I am going through. I surrender to you, Lord. And I trust your will, your protection, your grace, your power, and your peace.

Are you sure you’ve applied this to your life today, and genuinely responded to the Lord? Don’t let up until you do. Respond. Write in your Bible a commitment that you’re making today with the Lord. Write in a journal. And pray. Maybe call someone and tell them what the Lord is doing in your heart right now. Make it real.

God bless you as you walk in peace and assurance and security with the Lord today.

In your name, Jesus, we go. Amen.