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Journal Guide - Let Your Light Shine - Matthew 5:16

Let Your Light Shine
Matthew 5:16

Hey all, I am Daisy, and I am happy to be back, inviting you to join me as we open our Bibles and spend some quality alone time with God together in this devotional. To follow along, you will need your Bible, a pen, and a designated journal. If you have your Alone With God journal, please use that. If you don’t have your Alone With God journal, or you have no idea what I am talking about, please reach out to us. You can order one at wordbymail.com. It is a perfectly crafted journal to go along with these devotionals, and it's a great way to practice spending alone time with God and being in the scripture, and really using the Word of God to transform your life.

Today we are going to be meditating on Matthew 5, verse 16. I will read the verse a few times, and then you can read the verse on your own and meditate on it.

Matthew 5:16 (NIV)
16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

In the Meditate section of your journal, write down what God’s Word is saying here. Check the surrounding verses to help you understand the context of the scripture. Write it out in your own words. Why is it important? What are the spiritual principles here?

So, I grew up in a church that honestly felt more like a country club than a church. It was very cookie-cutter, and the people who were “different” were usually rejected or isolated from the rest of the congregation. And I really love this verse because I was someone who carried a lot of shame for not really fitting into my church. But it was really comforting to me to think about how Jesus was rejected by the people who were supposed to love him and welcome him with open arms.

And as Christians, we’re really called to engage with the world and with other people differently. We have so many resources to be a very powerful group of people who can influence our communities and our countries in truly incredible ways if we choose to obey Christ. But part of that obedience is being the salt and the light of this earth and to not shut out people in our ministry or people who are different from us, and not hiding their light, but rather adding to their light, and allowing their light to shine.

We are not called to a life of shame but to a life of victory as we all live for the glory of God, and we all use our light to worship him. Because our light was not made to be hidden, and we cannot allow ourselves to be scared. We can’t allow ourselves to stop God’s light from shining through us daily. Because that is our calling according to his purpose. Just like the moon reflects the sun, we are supposed to reflect the light of Christ.

So, how can you apply this scripture to your life? In the Apply section of your journal, apply this verse to your own world, to your own circumstances. Think about in what ways are you hiding your light and how can you be more obedient in allowing God’s light to shine through you. Write how this verse applies to you personally and specifically.

Now we are going to take a moment to respond to God with our actions. In the Respond section of your journal page, write what you are going to do today in response to this scripture. How is God calling you to be brighter – a brighter light in your community, in your family, and in your relationships with strangers? What are some practical ways that you can really know your light and then shine it in a way that inspires the world and opens people’s hearts to Jesus? What does that look like for you? Take some time, think about it, and respond to God.

Finally, we are going to close out in prayer. I will pray for us. And in the Pray section of your journal, write out a prayer in response to this time with him. Ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to make this scripture real in your life. Make your commitment to God, and thank him for speaking to you through his Word.

Let’s pray.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for being the light of the world. Please use me. Enhance my light. Remove my fear, and remove my lack of trust so that you can shine through me and so that my life brings joy and glory to the Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.