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Encountering The Father - wk03 - Numbers 6:24-26

Encountering The Father
Numbers 6:24-26

Week 03

Hi everyone. My name is Tricia, and I am part of the team working on the Alone With God journal audio guides. Thank you for joining me today as we look at day five in our journal called “Encountering The Father.” If you don’t have an Alone With God journal, you can order one by downloading the Word By Mail phone app from your app store or from wordbymail.com. Turn to the “Encountering the Father” page in your journal for this week, and let’s get ready to encounter the Father together.

Let’s pray to begin.

Heavenly Father, your word says we have received the Spirit of adoption as sons and daughters by whom we cry, “Abba, Father,” "Daddy," and you are an amazing Father to each of us. Help us, by your Spirit, to draw near to you, and allow us to recall our week so that we can reflect on how you have impacted our lives in these past few days and how you are changing us. Help us to spend quality alone time with you today. In your mighty name, Jesus, amen.
So, the “Encountering The Father” page in your journal is designed to let you focus on what God has been doing in your life in the past week. As you look back over your week, allow him to remind you what really stood out for you this week. What was the Lord showing you? What truths pierced your heart this week? The top section says: What Did God Reveal To Me In Our Alone Time Together This Week? In this area, write down what God revealed to you this week. Pause the recording, write, and come back.

Okay. The next section of your journal says: What Scriptures Is He Highlighting? This is a great time to look back through your journal pages for the week, see what verses really stuck, and write them down in this section. Maybe there is a verse he brought to mind as you went through circumstances or situations this week. Was there a verse you were clinging to this week for hope and strength? Go ahead, pause the recording, take some time, and write what scripture he is highlighting. Then come back.

And finally, the last area is where we write about how God is changing you. What area of your life is God really working on? How is God transforming your life in this area? Let the Spirit settle in on you as you reflect on what changes have happened or are still being transformed in your life. So, where it says How Is He Changing Me? take some time and write down how God is changing you through your alone time with him and your life in general for the week. Go ahead, pause the recording, and come back one last time.

Alright. In closing, today, turn to the “Promises To Pray” section at the back of your journal and find Numbers 6, verses 24-26. I’ll read this beautiful blessing and pray through these verses to close.

Numbers 6:24-26 (NLT)
24 “May the Lord bless you and protect you.
25 May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.
26 May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace."

Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, this is an amazing prayer of blessing from the priests to the Israelites. And it is a reality for us today. When we read this, we can just see a picture of you blessing us. Not just spiritually. But physically, relationally, and emotionally, with a joy and satisfaction that goes beyond physical circumstances and difficult times. Lord, may we know your blessing. May you protect us and hold on to us. May your face radiate with joy because of each one of us. May you smile on us and be gracious to us, Lord. May we know your grace in ever-abounding and increasing ways, Lord. May we know that we are each seen, known, loved, and cared for by you, God. And Lord, that we would know the peace of you in this troubled world amid busy schedules and unpredictable days. May we know the peace, the Shalom, of you today and the One who brings Peace into our lives. It is for your glory, and in your precious name, we pray, Jesus, amen.

Alright. Go into this day with the blessing of the Lord in and on your life. See you next time. Bye.