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Sermon wk03 - Psalm 130:6

Sunday Sermon
Psalm 130:6

Week 3

Hi everybody, it’s Tricia, and I pray you have a happy Sunday. If you can make it to church today, and you have an Alone With God journal, be sure to take it with you. There’s a place for you to take Notes, an area for Key Points and Key Verses, and a section for a Prayer For The Coming Week. And, if you would like to order an Alone With God journal, you can do so at wordbymail.com.

If you aren’t able to go to church today, we invite you to watch a full sermon from Pastor Dave’s Heaven series.    This week, we are featuring the second message in the “Heaven” series titled Real Earth, Real Bodies.”   In this audio guide’s description, there is a link to this message. And if you don’t see the link open the wordbymail phone app, and in the search icon, just type in Real Earth, Real Bodies.” You can do that on the website too, at wordbymail.com.

In our culture, it is easy to have misconceptions about Heaven, and this message addresses many of those false ideas and teaches us about the New Earth, which is a crucial part of Heaven. We sincerely hope you get a chance to join us through this exciting and informative message and watch or listen to the entire Heaven series. We pray you will be blessed by it.

Now, let’s have Daisy pray us out, and may God richly bless your day.

Let’s pray.

Lord, Psalm 130:6 says, 6 I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning. Lord, I will wait for you today. I will wait for you with joy, and expectancy and excitement and praise. I will wait for you eagerly, knowing that you are my God, that you are faithful always. I wait for you to hear my prayer and I wait for you to answer it. I wait for your perfect timing. Lord, when I fail to be patient, help me to wait for you. Help me to wait for you more than watchmen wait for the morning. In Jesus’ name, amen.