Word By Mail

Grateful - wk06

What Am I Grateful For?

Week 6

Hi everybody. It’s Pastor Dave with a “What Am I Grateful For?” devotion guide. We are in North Carolina at my son’s house, and I am in full vacation mode. We’ve been out ton the ocean here in North Carolina for two days, and we’re just grateful. We’re grateful to be here. So, in this past week, what I’m grateful for is Resurrection weekend.

God blessed our Good Friday service – it was so meaningful, and God blessed our Resurrection service. There were so many real, genuine salvation and most of them in young adult youth, even pre-high school. It was an awesome service. Both services were. I’m grateful. I’m grateful to God for church and for the Word By Mail family, and for my own family.

I’m grateful to God for what he’s done in this past week and our Resurrection service. I’m grateful that he’s given me a team at the church to continue the ministry and the team in Word By Mail. Thank you, Tricia, Daisy, and the team at Word By Mail, to continue Word By Mail so I can come hang out with my grandkids and my son and daughter-in-law in North Carolina.
I’m grateful. I’m a grateful grandpa. I’m a grateful old pastor. I’m grateful that I’ve been doing this for thirty or thirty-one years. I guess I am grateful for every one. But for the past week, especially grateful for Resurrection Sunday. I hope you are too.

I hope, and I pray you’re grateful. So, grab your journal and write down what you’re grateful for this week. I mean, you can do like I just did – grateful for my whole 30 years of pastoring. But write down what you’re grateful for this past week. I’m grateful God is taking care of my family, our ministry team, and our church. I’m grateful to God. I hope you are too. So, have a great grateful Saturday, and I will see you soon. Bye-bye.