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This Week - wk10

This Week
Matthew 19:26

Week 10

Hi, everyone. It’s Tricia, along with Daisy. And we are so happy you could join us for another Alone With God journal guide. We are turning in our journals to the page titled “This Week.” If you don’t have an Alone With God journal, you can order one at wordbymail.com.

So, this page is laid out simply. It has a top section that says My Prayers Are: And so, the important part here is to stop and think ahead for your circumstances, for direction, for your situations for yourself and for loved ones this week. You’ll just want to put those down in this area.

And then the second section is titled My spiritual focus is: and this is where we just want to take a minute and ask the Lord, “Hey. What do you have, Lord, for me this week ahead? Where is my spiritual direction? And what scripture or area of my life are you calling me to focus on spiritually this week?” And that’s what you want to write down here in this area.

So, that’s these two areas. Just grab a pen and grab your Bible, and really spend some time focusing in on your week ahead. And so, I pray that you will have a good week ahead. And, here’s Daisy to close us out today with a brief prayer.

Today’s prayer is based on Matthew 19:26.

Father, I pray against every form of worry in my life. Anything that steals my peace that was given to me through your Holy Spirit. Even though things may seem impossible, I choose to trust and believe that nothing shall be impossible with God. In Jesus’ name, amen.