Bible Teaching - Class One

Notes & Homework

Dave Shepardson, Calvary Chapel Nuevo

Build Your Message - Review
In class 1 we started by reviewing “Build your message Pt 2 (the boxes).” These six boxes help you understand the flow of putting a message together.
Then we went through “Build Your Message Pt 1,” which describes what the boxes are all about.

These “Build Your Message” documents are simple overviews. They help you grasp the big picture, before getting buried in the details. It’s important that you grasp the conceptual flow of putting a message together, before diving into the details. The links to both “Build Your Message” documents are on the class webpage.

Inductive Bible Study - Review
Then, we briefly reviewed the Inductive Bible Study method (link on the class webpage). This is just the first of many times we’ll be looking closely at this method. These steps are always used in good Bible Teaching preparation. We’ll be going back to them often.

1) Re-read both the Build You Message and Inductive Bible Study documents, making notes and writing questions.

2) Use the ‘Boxes’ form to layout a simple skeleton teaching concept for Col 3:1-4. Don’t write an entire message, just use the boxes to prepare to begin a message on these verses.

Call me with any questions.