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These are meaningful devotions designed to give you meaningful time with the Lord. We encourage you to;

1) Watch or listen to the 3-minute message outtake.
2) Slowly read through the scripture and the devotion.
3) Respond to God.

We know that most devotions are designed for quick, on the go, hurried lifestyles. But, is that how God really wants to communicate with you?

Instead of a quick, hurried devotion each day, maybe spend a few days on each of these devotions. Spend enough time to really hear and receive what God is saying to you through his Word and by his Spirit.

Best case, we would encourage you to write your thoughts and interactions with God down on paper or in a journal. Writing forces us to slow down and really consider what we're responding to. The discipline of writing will make your time with God much more meaningful.

Or, truly, it is okay to breeze through the devotions quickly if you need to. We appreciate you signing up and we pray God will speak to you each week, whether you move through the devotion quickly or slowly.

May God bless your time with him,
Pastor Dave