The Art of Getting Alone With God

Committing to the daily practice of genuine interaction with God, in His Word and led by His Spirit, is critical in the transformation of a Christian’s life. This goes beyond the casual reading of scripture or skimming through a ready-made devotional. We must get into the disciplined habit of truly getting alone with God and mastering the art of intersecting God’s Word with our life. When we are guided by the Holy Spirit and begin to truly apply God’s Living Word to our lives, we will be transformed. (Rom. 12:1-2)

A Guide to Getting Alone with God

MEDITATE on God’s Word. Find a quiet place. Get alone with God, slow down & dig in.

APPLY God’s Word by acknowledging the truths the Holy Spirit impressed on you.

RESPOND to how the Holy Spirit applied God’s Word to your life today.

PRAY to complete your time alone with God and align your heart with God.

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