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How Can You Pray For Word By Mail?

Here are our current prayer requests:
  • We've created a powerful Bible study tool in our Alone With God journal, and have designed audio and written guides to go alongside of it. We walk people through each step in these devotions to help them create a real, lasting relationship with God. Help us spread the Word!
  • We believe the most critical thing a believer can do is spend quality time with the Lord on a regular basis. We want to help believers do that. Please pray for God’s continued guidance and provision for those working behind-the-scenes helping ensure Word By Mail goes out.
  • We have a ministry team always ready to respond to questions and pray with those who connect. Pray for those who are serving on this team and for the lives God changes through this outreach.

What your financial support does:
When you give, you keep Word By Mail going out on all online platforms to thousands of people. Think about that for a minute. Making disciples is not a one-time class or hearing a single message. We learn to be disciples by following him day in and day out. This ministry provides the opportunity to help people do exactly that. Through Bible series like Alone With God or "God's Design For Marriage," Word By Mail is equipping others to know and follow Jesus personally and individually.

There are future missionaries out there right now. There are families, couples, singles – searching for Biblical answers and truth. Searching for hope. Some people are encountering God for the first time. Hearts are being changed. Lives are being transformed. As you worship God through giving, your generosity impacts the here and now as well as the future. We pray God will bless what is being given and that he will continue to use it in countless ways.

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

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