As of October, this trip has been postponed. Please pray for Israel.
If you would like to know when we will be going again please contact us below or text us at (877) 790-9673

Go to Israel with Pastor Dave - November 2023

Our Israel Trip Style

Our trips are considerably different than most tour group trips. The most important difference is that we are on much more of a spiritual pilgrimage than we are on a site-seeing tour.
We ask everyone to prepare spiritually before we go, getting familiar with the scripture texts we'll be focusing on at the major sites. And we go with a commitment to experience God more than simply 'see the sites.' This means we plan spiritually significant moments at as many of the sites as possible.
This spiritual pilgrimage approach is harder than it might sound. Most tour groups move through these incredibly meaningful locations with just enough time to read the plague, hear a
quick story of what happened there, snap a few pictures, then rush to the next site to check off the list, which is what most visitors to the Holy Land actually want to do.
In the past, we have become caught up in this approach and it really changes the spiritual impact of the trip. And so It's important for everyone to know - we go to see Jesus. We go to experience the presence of God as much, or more, than see the sites.
This is not an easy goal to achieve, it's much easier to take the 'see the sites' approach. But, as difficult as it is to make this a spiritual pilgrimage, this is our goal. And when it happens, it is truly life-changing.

Nov 5 - Nov 20, 2023

This is a 15 DAY TRIP (our normal trips are 12 days)

Join Pastor Dave and a very small group of friends on the trip of a lifetime to Israel - FOR 15 DAYS

We visit Israel in the most awesome and unique way - in a SMALL group. Pastor Dave has been taking small groups to Israel since 2002 and you can join his next special trip. This trip is focused on genuine interaction with the Lord, with special times to be still and hear him speak, right where he walked, which is something you just don't have time for in a large group.

We stay in guest houses, not western-designed hotels, we all eat together, we travel in a Mercedes van, not a huge bus. We see the sites the large groups can't see, and we spend zero time "herding cats." I assure you, there is no better way to see Israel, and no better way to meet the Lord there.


Trip Cost - APPROXIMATELY $2800 plus airfare (currently apx $1,100). ** FINAL COST IS NOT FIXED YET  **
If you look around the internet for 15 DAY trips they are $4800 to $5500.
You can purchase your own tickets or we can purchase them for you.
We're flying EL AL Air, Non-Stops both ways, on the new 787 Dreamliner. Few groups fly non-stops like this. There's no better way to go!
Click on any of these images to see a short video on just some of the sites we'll visit (1 to 5 min each)

We'll see over 35 crucial sites throughout Israel

You can TEXT or CALL Pastor Dave at (951) 928-8582 for more information.