Word By Mail

Our Story

How it all started

  • In 2002, a family in Dave's church moved out of state. They asked if they could get a cassette tape of the message each week. They shared their weekly cassettes with friends and Word-By-Mail was born, organically, by God.
  • We soon switched to mailing CDs. Then a concert promoter (Extreme Faith Productions) started giving away our CDs. At the peak of the “CD Season,” we were mailing over 1100 CDs a WEEK and stopped counting when we passed over 450,000 CD’s given away.
  • Since then, the phone app has steadily replaced most of the mailing of CDs and DVDs. 

The Growth of the Phone App . . . & TV

  • In 2018 we averaged 800 messages a month played on the phone app. That’s a 250% increase from just 4 years ago - with ZERO dollars spent on marketing.
  • During that same 4 years, we’ve over 800 NEW downloads of the phone app EACH year. We are currently at 5,200 total app downloads.
  • Over 36,000 messages have been played on the phone app, with more played on the website and an unknown amount played from having over 450,000 CDs and DVDs floating around out there.
  • In 2018 we launched the APPLE TV and ROKU TV channels and we are already seeing great growth there.

Where we're headed

We are so grateful for how God has provided for this ministry, and 2019 is looking like another great year.
  • There are plans to (finally) build an audio/video production studio on our property.
  • You're looking at the brand new wordbymail.com website. But we still have much more work to do on it.
  • We have 3 radio stations waiting for us to begin producing short spots for them to air, this will lead to substantial growth in our ministry, but will require an initial $3,000 per month investment.

Be a part of God's story

  • After all that God has carried us through, and after all we have learned in three decades of ministry; we believe God is still writing the story, and the most fruitful years of ministry are still to come.
  • We hope you can be part of the ministry story God is still writing. Every dollar you give, every prayer you pray, God is at work, through this ministry, in the lives of thousands of people. 
  • THANK YOU for being part of God's story with us.