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Every Christ-Follower needs to meet with God regularly. But too often our devotion time ends up providing no meaningful interaction with God. Join Pastor Dave as he walks you through real devotion time with God. 

Consider using the Phone App or YouTube video version with the verses right on the screen. Focusing on God's Word during the podcast will greatly increase the impact of your devotion time with God.

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Pastor Dave uses the Daily Devotion Journal as a format for these devotions.
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Most Recent Episodes

These blog posts are basically the podcasts in written form. They may help you as you journal or review the truths in the podcast episode.
Special 9/11
September 11th, 2021
He heals the brokenhearted. A special message for the 20 year anniversary of the 9/11 attack....
Verses on Your Prescription From God
September 3rd, 2021
This is a follow-up devotion from, “Your Prescription From God,” which was our last devotion. I hope that this devotion will help you take a second look at this same truth, more from a meditative perspective. Just allowing these same truths to wash over you, and fill you, and strengthen you. I’d really encourage you to get into a quiet place for just a few minutes and allow the Word of God speak ...
Your Prescription From God
August 27th, 2021
Whatever your circumstances are today, whatever you are going through, God has a prescription for you. And at whatever level of response that you can embrace this prescription today – you must. Whether forcing a response to this prescription or having it easily flow out of you, these verses must be a part of whatever God is carrying you through today....
Verses on Be Still And Know
August 20th, 2021
This is a follow-up to our previous devotion titled, “Be Still and Know.” If you haven’t read that one yet, you may want to do that before reading to this one. Today, I’m just going to read verses that support the truth we dug into in the previous devotion. The goal today is to continue embracing the truth that we can truly “Be still, and know that our God - IS GOD!”...
Be Still And Know
August 19th, 2021
If you feel like your world is shaking, your foundations are crumbling, and your oceans are roaring, then grab your Bible, turn it to Psalm 46, and If possible, BE STILL for a few minutes, while we focus on BEING STILL and KNOWING that the God of Heaven – is OUR God....