Devotion Guide Explanation

Listen to Pastor Dave explain the heart behind these devotion journal guides, and our encouragement on how to use them.

We believe the most effective way to use those devotion guides is with our Alone With God journal, which you can get on the homepage of this website. However, you can also use them with any blank journal, or even without journaling.

If you have never tried interacting with God in a journal, we would encourage you to try it. Writing helps us wrestle with our thoughts and refine them enough to put them in writing, which is what makes it so helpful.
However, you can also use these devotion guides without a journal. We encourage you to make an intentional time and place to get alone with God, settle your heart, and open your Bible. Then, as you go through the journal guide, pause the guide to really focus on the steps being explained in the guide.

This is a life transforming way to approach your daily devotion time. We pray that you'll give it a try and become part of the Word By Mail family. God bless you.

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