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Devo - Applying God's Word

Applying God's Word
Matthew 11:15

Application of God’s Word in our life is where true transformation begins. Apply God’s Word personally through the Holy Spirit and start a fire in your own life! This devotion is taken from the third message in the Alone With God series titled Applying God’s Word.”

Application is how the Holy Spirit makes the Living Word of God collide with your life!

This application, this colliding of God’s Word in your life, happens AS you are meditating in the Word. So, meditation leads naturally to application. You get alone with God, you begin to engage God in his Word, and suddenly – if you’re ready, if you’re ready (hear that) – if you’re ready and if you’re listening, then the Holy Spirit begins to bring something up in that Word that applies, that he wants to put to use in your life in a practical way. Something that he encourages you with, or strengthens you with, or convicts you with, or pierces you with.

The Holy Spirit is the one who speaks to us through God’s Word. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and of righteousness – Jesus says – and it’s the Holy Spirit who transforms us. He is the power to transform us through God’s Word. And he will do it in meditation, in line with the true meaning of scripture, as you are engaged with God in that time.

You have to develop this relationship, this communion with the Lord where his Spirit impresses you, and convicts you, and leads you, and guides you, and strengthens you, and gives you peace, and comfort and all the things the Holy Spirit is doing. You must learn to develop a working relationship with the Holy Spirit.

So, it’s not religion. It’s not church attendance; it’s not clean myself up; it’s not hope I get to heaven when I die. It’s a genuine, daily relationship where you’re being led, and you’re being guided, and you’re being inspired, and you’re being convicted by the Person of the Holy Spirit. Amen?

God’s Word is truth whether you do anything with it or not. God’s Word stands alone as absolute truth no matter what our crazy culture does, no matter what the enemy does, and no matter what you and I think – God’s Word is true. But the role of the Holy Spirit is to take that truth that is absolute and apply it to us personally.

All of a sudden, that truth’s not just “out there.” That truth is in here. And when it gets in here, it starts a fire. Something happens. It’s different. It’s different from saying, “I know what the truth is,” as opposed to saying, “I know how the truth of God applies to my life.” It’s so, so critically important.
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