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Saturday Passion Week - John 3_16
by Dave Shepardson on March 30th, 2024
Today we look forward to the victory of the Resurrection over sin and death and the grave.  Read More
Good Friday Passion Week - Matthew 27
by Dave Shepardson on March 29th, 2024
When Jesus cried out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” he was experiencing being separated from God as he paid the full penalty for our sin. Jesus is not questioning God. He is quoting from Psalm 22. And this is an unimaginably intense cry that, as Believers, you and I will not have to experience.   Read More
Thursday Passion Week - Matthew 26
by Dave Shepardson on March 28th, 2024
The Disciples are eating the Passover meal that was designed to teach Israel about the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. And so, now Jesus, THE Passover Lamb, is eating Passover with the Disciples. Jesus Christ IS our Passover Lamb.   Read More
Wed Passion Week - John 13
by Dave Shepardson on March 27th, 2024
John Chapter 13 begins what we know as the Last Supper. Perhaps more importantly, it is the beginning of the Upper Room Discourse. The Gospel of John has an incredible set of chapters from 13 to 17, and this is the most condensed and intense teaching that Jesus gave to his Disciples. . . .  Read More
Tues Passion Week - John 12_23-26
by Dave Shepardson on March 26th, 2024
Join Pastor Dave as we meditate on John 12:23-26 in our Tuesday Passion Week Devotion. Grab your Alone with God Journal, or any journal, and your Bible, and spend some time 'alone with God' this morning.  Read More
This Week Passion Week - Triumphal Entry
by Dave Shepardson on March 25th, 2024
Palm Sunday begins “Passion Week,” the final week of Jesus' completion of our salvation. This week takes up the majority of the gospels. More is written about this week in the gospels than any other event in Jesus' life because this is THE week. This is THE reason Jesus came.   Read More