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Practicing Love
by Dave Shepardson, Daisy on April 12th, 2024
[Encountering The Father] 1 Corinthians 13:8-13 - As Christians, godly love is a skill. And it is a skill that we need to strengthen with daily practice. . .  Read More
Christ The Eternal Word
by Dave Shepardson on April 11th, 2024
[Daily Journal] John 1:1-4 - We have to know WHO Christ IS to know who saved us for eternal life. . .  Read More
Wait in Hope
by Daisy on April 8th, 2024
[This Week] Psalm33:20-22 - Hope is such an important asset to have in this life. I’ve been thinking about this so, so much. . .  Read More
Wed Passion Week - John 13
by Dave Shepardson on March 27th, 2024
John Chapter 13 begins what we know as the Last Supper. Perhaps more importantly, it is the beginning of the Upper Room Discourse. The Gospel of John has an incredible set of chapters from 13 to 17, and this is the most condensed and intense teaching that Jesus gave to his Disciples. . . .  Read More
This Week Passion Week - Triumphal Entry
by Dave Shepardson on March 25th, 2024
Palm Sunday begins “Passion Week,” the final week of Jesus' completion of our salvation. This week takes up the majority of the gospels. More is written about this week in the gospels than any other event in Jesus' life because this is THE week. This is THE reason Jesus came.   Read More
by Daisy on March 20th, 2024
I went to the fair this weekend, and I found myself wandering around the baking competition tables because that is my favorite part of the fair. And, as I tasted samples of brownies, and cookies, and apple pies, I started thinking about judgment because what else do you do at a fair besides think about judgment?  Read More
God Isn't Zeus
by Daisy on March 16th, 2024
So, I used to be fascinated with Greek mythology. . . Learning about Greek mythology made me more and more thankful that the true God was a God who did not need to manipulate humans into loving him.  Read More
Friend of God
by Dave Shepardson on March 14th, 2024
When we were utterly helpless and hopeless, Jesus Christ came and died for our sins. And because of his death on the Cross and resurrection, our friendship with God has been restored.  Read More
In The Wilderness
by Daisy on March 13th, 2024
Sometimes, the seasons of our lives can feel really dry and weary, like the wilderness. And our difficulties and our pain can parch our spirits like the scorching desert sun. But just as God sustained the Israelites on their journey, he promises to supply us with Living Water to refresh our souls.  Read More
Wait Quietly Before God
by Dave Shepardson on March 12th, 2024
We’ve got to wait for God to work, to save us. We’ve got to wait on God. We’ve got to trust him completely. We’ve got to know that he is the one who protects, who brings victory. . .  Read More
Thank You
by Daisy on March 9th, 2024
Today, we are focusing on the “What Am I Grateful For This Week?” page in our Alone With God journal. It's a look back at the past week on what we are grateful for. It's also a time to just be thankful to God for his provision.   Read More
Share Your Story
by Daisy on March 4th, 2024
It never ceases to amaze me how common and shared our experiences as Christians are — yet they are also so personal. Only God could reveal himself to us and connect us through the truth of who he is while also gaining our trust in a very personal way.  Read More
A Deceitful Life
by Daisy on February 27th, 2024
Honesty is one of the most crucial characteristics of being a Christian because it comes with aligning ourselves and our lives with the truth of Jesus Christ. To know and walk with God earnestly is to tear down the walls of dishonesty. . . .   Read More
by Daisy on February 26th, 2024
It's important to bring your emotions to God and take comfort in him, and to give thanks for what's being done in our lives, even if we can't see it or understand it. . .  Read More
Full Bellies, Fuller Hearts
by Daisy on February 23rd, 2024
One of my favorite bible stories is the story of how Jesus miraculously multiplied the loaves and fish. . . .  Read More
When I See The Sky, I See God
by Daisy on February 19th, 2024
When I look at the sky, I always think of God. It is the one thing that instantly draws me closer to Him. There is nothing more mysterious or as beautiful to me as the magic of space.  Read More
A God Who Has Everything
by Daisy on February 16th, 2024
Our lives are meant to be offered as a gift to God. It is the only way that we can express our fullest gratitude for all that God has given to us freely. . . .  Read More
Memorials For The Marathon
by Dave Shepardson on February 15th, 2024
You must build memorials for the marathon in your life. There must be pillars in your life that you can look back to and say, “THAT’S why I’m still running the race. That’s why I’m still serving Jesus – because of the great things he’s done in my life.”  Read More
Agape Love Sacrifices
by Dave Shepardson on February 14th, 2024
Agape love is the supernatural love of God, living through your life to others for the good of others, expecting nothing in return.  Read More
Destroy Strongholds
by Dave Shepardson on February 13th, 2024
In this battle that we are waging in order to live in agape love, we don’t fight with more effort. We don’t fight with psychology. We don’t fight with religion. We don’t with cleaning ourselves up or trying harder. We fight with God’s divine power.  Read More
Practicing Love
by Daisy on February 12th, 2024
As Christians, Godly love is a skill we need to strengthen with daily practice. We must learn and train ourselves to do everything with love. . . .  Read More
God Is Big Enough To Handle You
by Daisy on February 8th, 2024
I spent many years being angry with God. I was hurt by the church and hurt by other Christians, and I took my anger out on God. And, although I’m not proud of it, deep down, I knew that God was big enough to handle my anger . . .  Read More
Grow Where You Are Planted
by Dave Shepardson on February 7th, 2024
We are where we are because of where we are. And God wants us to grow right where we are. All we want is for God to change things for us. And all God wants is to use where we are to change us.   Read More
Constant Gratitude
by Dave Shepardson on February 6th, 2024
Living in thanksgiving is the key to honoring God, to worshiping God, and to serving God in all that we do. That is what living in thanksgiving looks like.  Read More
Living In The Gap
by Daisy on February 5th, 2024
We are living in intimidating times. Some days, it seems that the world is consumed with evil. As Christians, we are being called to stand in the gap and tell the world the truth about who God is and who we are as creation. . . .  Read More
The Way He Sees Me
by Daisy on February 2nd, 2024
I have wasted so much of my life not feeling “good enough” (whatever that even means). I have skipped meals, parties, and big life events because I’ve felt too fat. I’ve avoided speaking up and sharing my perspective at important times because I didn’t feel smart or my ideas didn’t feel significant. . . .  Read More
Follow Hard After Christ
by Dave Shepardson on February 1st, 2024
Our life with Christ, the race that we run with Christ, is all about the battle between the flesh and the spirit. . . If you want the spirit to overcome the flesh, then you’ve got to train the spirit and feed the spirit.  Read More
Rooting For The Underdog
by Daisy on January 31st, 2024
There is something so special about an underdog. Everyone wants to root for someone who is desperate for a victory. . . .  Read More
Fighting Battles
by Daisy on January 25th, 2024
God is always bigger than any battle we face, and he has come to conquer the darkness with his light.   Read More
Faith Transfer
by Dave Shepardson on January 24th, 2024
What Jesus did in the storm was give the Disciples a faith transfer. The Disciples believed more in the power of the storm than they believed in the power of the Savior. . . .  Read More
Silenced by Jesus
by Dave Shepardson on January 23rd, 2024
A legion of demons versus a word from the Lord. And every demon obeys, down to the last one—every demon. And this submission to Jesus is dramatically proven by two thousand pigs floating like bath toys in the Sea of Galilee.   Read More
The Importance of Godly Decision Making
by Daisy on January 22nd, 2024
When I was a teenager, my dad — like every good dad — warned me about the importance of making wise decisions. . . .  Read More
God vs. Blender
by Daisy on January 19th, 2024
Today, I learned that blenders can explode for no reason and catch your paper towel holder on fire. Don’t worry, I’m fine. My blender, however, is toast. . . .  Read More
Values Clarification
by Dave Shepardson on January 18th, 2024
Values clarification is basically deciding what is most important to you in your life and then making your decisions according to that. You first decide, "What is most important in my life?" And then you make decisions according to what is most important in your life. That’s values clarification at its base.  Read More
When The Walls Are Closing In
by Daisy on January 17th, 2024
Sometimes, life can make us feel like we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place — stuck in a lion’s den, trapped in a fiery furnace, lost in a stormy sea, or nailed to a cross. David knew how it felt to be chased, attacked, and persecuted on all sides. . . .  Read More
by Dave Shepardson on January 16th, 2024
Paul’s relationship with Christ set his joy, so his circumstances could never change his joy. In fact, the worse the circumstances were, the more he was motivated to deepen his relationship with Christ. Which, through an ever-deepening relationship with Christ, his rest, his peace, and his joy were deepened.   Read More
by Daisy on January 15th, 2024
When I was little, I had a very difficult time controlling my temper. My dad used to tell me I needed to learn how to be “even-keeled” in life and not let my circumstances or other people impact me to the point where it got me into trouble. . . .  Read More
Transformation - This is The Way
by Dave Shepardson on January 12th, 2024
All of God’s love toward us, all of his thoughts toward us, all of his plans for us – all revolve around transforming us more and more into his image.  Read More
Abba, Father
by Dave Shepardson on January 10th, 2024
You have a Heavenly Father who is the perfect Father. . . If you have received Jesus Christ as your Savior today, then God promises you in his Word that you have been adopted and that you can now call him Abba Father.  Read More
Are You Feasting On The Bounty?
by Daisy on January 8th, 2024
I will be the first person to admit that change terrifies me. It is something I am asking God to help me with. I am afraid of the unknown. I am afraid of having the rug pulled out from under me. I am paralyzed with fear when I think about my life losing any type of stability or predictability. . . .  Read More