Devo - Be Strong And Courageous

Be Strong And Courageous
Joshua 1:1-9

Joshua 1:1-9 gives us great inspiration to have courageous faith and fearless obedience. This devotion is taken from the third message in the Joshua series titled, Be Strong And Courageous.”

God’s promised life for you stretches further than you can imagine. His victories and his blessings are waiting for you right on the other side of the battle, but you have to push into the battle by faith. God has left an enemy standing between you and the promised life. In fact, there are three major enemies that God has allowed to stand between you and the promised life.

The biggest, baddest, most victorious enemy for the destruction of your life and your soul is your own flesh nature. Just think about your life. Who’s taken you out the most? Your flesh. Your own pride. Your own self-focus. Your own sins. Your own temptations. That’s no surprise.

The number two enemy is the deception of the world. Oh, man! Listen. The world is lying to you. The world is a machine set in motion by the captain of hell. He is the little “g” god of this world. What you see on TV is not true. It is a deception to lead you into the world and down a dark, dark hole.

The number three enemy is the spiritual forces of wickedness in high places. Yes, they’re real. They’re real. But they’re going to capitalize on the world and your flesh first, but they are ultimately a real enemy.

We must take the fight to them. With courageous faith and fearless obedience, we’ve got to lean into this battle. Joshua and the people had to take possession. They had to move into an enemy territory and rout the enemy to take possession of the Promised Land that was there. That battle is about to start for the people of God to possess the Promised Land, and we need to get ready to start the battle to possess the promised life.

What God is telling the people here is to be courageous – strong and courageous – have courageous faith and fearless obedience, and follow Yahshua into the Promised Life.

He tells us the same thing. Have courageous faith and fearless obedience. As we do, the Lord promises to be with us wherever we go.
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