Encountering The Father - wk06 - Jeremiah 15:16

Encountering The Father
Jeremiah 15:16

Week 6/Day 5

Hi everyone. It’s Tricia and Daisy with another Alone With God journal guide. If you have an Alone With God journal, open it to the page that says “Encountering The Father” for this week. If you don’t have an Alone With God journal and you would like to follow along or dive deeper into your alone time with God, you can order one at wordbymail.com.

The first section on this page asks, “What did God reveal to me in our alone time together this week?” This is where I sit and focus on what God has shown me this week in our time together. This week it was more difficult because God was showing me areas of my life where I am anxious and afraid. Places where I am not letting go and letting God reign and rule. Now, this will be different for you, so pause the recording, look back over your week, and write what God revealed to you in your alone time with him this week – and then come back.

Then the next area says “What scriptures is he highlighting?” And for me this week, he really spoke hard to me from Psalm 3. So, in this section is where I wrote out the entire verses from Psalm 3, verses 3, 4 and 5 because that’s where God had me. Those were my focus verses this week. So please, pause this recording, and for you, look back over your week. What scriptures did God use to speak to you this week? Go ahead and write them down in their entirety, or even just the scripture reference, and then come on back.

And in the final section, it says, “How is he changing me?” This week he has been changing me in the area of safety, peace, anxiety, and trust - just learning to lean more heavily into him. And I want to say day by day, but honestly, sometimes it was moment by moment. It was all I could do to hold on and to know he alone is my shield and the lifter of my head, and the One I trust in. So, look at this section as an opportunity to review where God has his finger on you. Where is he asking you to change – where is he transforming you. Write that down in this section, and then come back one last time.

Okay, to close, Daisy is going to read out of the ESV from Jeremiah 15 verse 16, and then I will pray to close.

Jeremiah 15:16 (ESV)
16 Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart, for I am called by your name, O Lord, God of hosts.

Let’s pray.

Lord, your words are pure and righteous altogether. God, your Word stands fast forever and ever, and you tell us to obey and meditate on it. Father, by your Spirit, we ask that you would help us read and mediate and learn and respond and inwardly digest the truths found in it. Help us to be doers of the Word, and not just hearers only, not just reading it casually like a newspaper. And as we do, Lord, let us each find the hope and comfort in them, and allow them to become the delight of our heart, for we are truly called by your name – O Lord, God of hosts. For your glory, and in your mighty name Jesus, amen.