Prayer - Thanks

Prayer For Today
Thank You, Lord

Hi all. I just wanted to start off today by praying for you. I have been very busy recording devotionals for our Alone With God journal, which is a guided journal that we created to help you make the most of your Alone Time With God. If you haven’t received one and you would like to follow along with our Alone With God journal and our recorded devotionals, please let us know so that we can make sure you get a journal and point you in the right direction to the devotionals.

And just as for me, it has really transformed my life. It is now something I cannot go a day without. I just love spending time with God so much more. And I’m finding so much value in the scripture. It’s been really transformative, and I can feel myself just becoming a new creation in Christ every single day. This is probably the most I’ve ever felt God move in my life, and my life is pretty boring. But just the way that he’s moving in me, it just feels like night and day. I’m really such an advocate for this journal, and we would love to get one to you if you’re interested. So, enough about me.
I want to pray for you, so let’s pray together.

Lord, thank you that there’s nowhere that we can go that you are not with us. Thank you for holding us together even when it feels like the ground is crumbling underneath our feet, and we are falling apart. Please replace our fear with peace. Replace our stress with trust. Forgive us when have traded in your comfort for worldly comfort. Help us to surrender our burdens to you and to take your yoke upon us because it is light. Remind us of the ways that you have rescued us and provided for us in times where we thought we would just be destroyed. You are always faithful, God. You are always good. Thank you for your protection and your mercy and your guidance and your wisdom and your love – your unfailing love. Keep our minds and our hearts in perfect peace. In Jesus’ name, amen.