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Mini Devo - Not Enough

Not Enough
1 Thessalonians 3:12

Hi, y’all. It’s Daisy. I wanted to start off today with a mini-devotional. I have been recording longer-form devotionals for our Alone With God journal, which is a guided journal that we created to help you make the most of your alone time with God. And if you haven’t received one, and you would like one, and you want to follow along with our Alone With God journal and our Alone With God devotionals, please let us know so we can make sure that we get one to you.

It has really been transformative in my life and in my walk with God. I just feel like he’s giving me a brand new foundation for my relationship with him, and it’s life-changing. It’s just such a great tool. That’s my encouragement to you to make sure that you get the journal and follow along with the devotionals.

This morning, I was making coffee, and I accidentally used a cup that was too small to hold the amount that was coming out of the Keurig. And suddenly, there was just coffee everywhere. It was overflowing from the cup and Keurig holder and off the countertops. It was going everywhere. But, leave it to God to remind me of his presence, even in a coffee spill.

Our God is a God of overflow. He wants our lives to be overflowing with his love and his glory. He wants to saturate us with his presence. And he’s ready to pour himself into every aspect of our existence if we are bold enough to invite him into those places. The beginning of a life that is overflowing with the love of God starts with creating an unshakable foundation of faith. And that means creating a daily lifestyle that’s devoted to spending quality time with God so that we can understand him better and know the purpose that he has for our lives.

And I’ve noticed this, speaking of the journal, that it has really helped me to create such a solid foundation with God more than I’ve ever had before. Creating this lifestyle of intimacy with God – it has filled me with so much love and hope and honesty and peace, and wisdom in ways I’ve just never experienced before. All of these rich things that God wants to give us abundantly, I have found in spending more time with him, consistently and faithfully.

So, when he fills up our cup, his love overflows from us, and we can spread the Good News more effortlessly because we are living life from a place of joy in Christ, and it just turns us into a fountain of God’s love.

So, as you go throughout your day today, just take a few moments and notice the difference in how it feels to pour from an empty cup where you’re trying to work really hard to include God in your daily life versus how it feels to be overflowing with God’s love, to be so connected at all times with him, and then to effortlessly be able to pour into other people from that place. There’s such a difference in those two feelings. So, notice how those two feelings differentiate and then ask God to be your overflow so that you can always be flowing into others from his full cup.
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