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Encountering The Father - wk11

Encountering The Father
1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Week 11/Day 5

Hey, y’all, it’s Daisy, and today we are Encountering The Father together. The verse that I have been meditating on this morning, is 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. And that is just a little piece of this verse: You are not your own; you were bought at a price.

And lately, I’ve been really reevaluating my life through the lens of this verse. This idea that every decision that I make is an opportunity for me to reflect my God-given value. To reflect this idea that I was knit together strategically and that I was not just randomly tossed here, but that I was brilliantly created, and purposefully created, and wonderfully made.

And when I live from my own view of myself, I get sloppy. I get lazy, I use my feelings as motivators to do things. I don’t have a clear vision, and my words and my actions don’t really amount to much. They’re kind of bogged down by shame, fear, or intimidation. And when I operate out of the understanding that I am deeply loved, and chosen, and handcrafted by God, and that I was put here for a unique purpose, and that I was put here to serve, then those decisions that I make carry much more weight to them. And I am more diligent. And it transforms me as a person to live my life in accordance to how I was actually made, what I was really made for – which is to experience and to share the love of God.

And so, everything, from the way I dress to the way I engage with other people, becomes far more important to me because I want to live authentically. And I want to represent whom I was created by in a really beautiful way.

And so, that’s what I’m reflecting on today. And I want you to think about the way that you see yourself and explore this idea of what would my life look like if every decision that I made was impacted by the idea that I have been bought and paid for. And that kind of sits heavy with me. I can’t afford to waste time here getting caught up in this fake, watered-down worldly version of myself. I have a bigger job. And to have self-control, and to have discipline, and to be positioned in a way where I’m very intentional about what I’m doing and what I’m saying, and where I’m going in life – I think that’s really important.

So, those are my thoughts. That’s how I’m Encountering The Father today, and I really hope this inspires you to think about it and to walk in your value, and to walk in the love of God.