Journal - An Angel in The Block - wk12

An Angel in The Block
Ephesians 2:10

Week 12/Day 2

Hey, y’all, it’s Daisy. And the verse that we are meditating on together today is Ephesians 2, verse 10. I will read this a couple of times, and then you will go on, meditate on it on your own, and then come back, and we will continue on with the devotional.

Ephesians 2:10 (ESV)
10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

So, in the MEDITATE section of your journal, write down what this verse is saying. Meditate on it, and come back when you’re ready, and we will continue on with the rest of the devotional.

One time, in art class, I heard a quote about Michelangelo. He was a really great sculpturer, maybe you’ve heard of him. But he was looking at this block of marble, and he said, “There’s an angel in that block, and I’m going to set him free.”

And I just think that God is a creative genius. I mean, he really is, isn’t he? And when he looks at you, and he looks at me, he just sees all of the good that he created inside of us. He sees all of the potential that we have, all of the potential of our soul, and he wants to help us. And we are his masterpiece, even before the sculpting has begun.

And so, as we move into this application part of this devotional, I just want you to ask yourself, where do you struggle to see your own potential? Where do you undermine God’s ability to work inside of you and to transform you? And what would it be like to see your potential the same way that God does? So, go and write about that in the APPLY area of your journal. Apply that to your life, and then come back, and we will carry on to the RESPOND section.

Okay, as we move on to the RESPOND section, I just really want you, for this week, to pray and ask God to show you your full potential. And then, create a clear outline of who that version of you is and what steps you can take to start bridging that gap between you and that new you. How does that new version of you handle fear? How do they handle doubt? How do they connect with others? Are they humble? Are they more loving? Are they more patient? What’s important to them? And in what ways can you begin to redefine yourself as this new creation in Christ? I know that’s a lot, but go and respond, and then press play again, and I will pray for us.

Okay, let’s pray.

God, give me the same vision for our life that you have for my life. Help me to see myself the way that you see me and help to teach me how to become that person. Guide me and minister to me through my thoughts and help me to make wise decisions that reflect the person that you want me to be, the person that brings glory to your name. In Jesus’ name, amen.