Journal - A Burning Bush Moment - wk13

A Burning Bush Moment
Exodus 3:11

Week 13

Hey, y’all, it’s Daisy. I hope your week is going so well. I hope that it is filled with so much purpose and so much light. Today we are going to be meditating on Exodus 3, verse 11. And I’m going to read the verse first a few times, and then you’ll pause the recording, meditate on the verse on your own, and then we will carry on together through the rest of the devotional.

Exodus 3:11 (NIV)
11 But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”

Okay, go and MEDITATE on this verse on your own, and then come back when you are ready to keep going.

I have always wanted a burning bush moment. Sometimes I just imagine God setting fire to my patio furniture with his presence and just telling me to take on some crazy, grand mission. ’Cause I wonder how I would respond. And I wonder how terrified I would be. And I wonder how insecure, and inadequate, and insignificant I would feel to take on that mission.

And sometimes, I really forget how courageous you have to be to say yes to the things that God calls you to do. But, you know, being comfortable is not how we accomplish the will of God. And even in ordinary circumstances, God invites us into a very extraordinary ministry of setting people free. Just like he’s done throughout ages and ages and all over the Old Testament and the New Testament.

And so, as we move into the application section, I just want you to look at the ways that God is challenging you to leave your comfort zone. What scares you about being in the position of someone like Moses? What are the limitations that you’ve placed on yourself when it comes to being committed to the mission that God wants to send you on? So, go and in the APPLY section of your journal, write how to apply this verse to your life today, and then we will carry on into the response section.

Okay. So now we go into the RESPOND section. I want you to talk about some things that are meaningful to you, that you’ve done. Things that you’ve accomplished, things that you have had the courage to do, and the ways that you have had the courage to obey God. And what was the payoff? And did they make you feel uncomfortable? And what do you think that God would be able to accomplish through you if you just made the decision to give up your fear and really commit and really walk fully in faith? So go ahead, and in the RESPOND section, write these things out, and then I will close in prayer.

Okay. One last section, the PRAY section. I am going to pray, and then you write down your prayer to God, focused on the truth in this verse today.

Let’s pray.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you. Thank you that you are trustworthy. Thank you that you keep your promises. And please help me to have not just the conviction but the courage and the stamina and the love to be a messenger of your Good News. In Jesus’ name, amen.