Journal - Needs - wk13

Philippians 4:19

Week 13

Hey, y’all, it’s Daisy. And the verse that we are going to meditate on today is Philippians 4:19. And, as always, I will read this verse first a couple of times and then let you go and meditate on it on your own.

Philippians 4:19 (NLT)
19 And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.

Now, in your MEDITATE section of your journal, in your own words, write down what this verse is saying. Read it slowly and carefully, and ask God to speak to you through his Living Word. So, go and meditate on this verse and come back to me when you’re ready to continue.

So, I recently moved into a new place because my old apartment was run by a very cranky landlord. And I took a big leap of faith and broke my lease to move into a new home, which was a little bit more expensive. And the whole experience was very intimidating, and it took a lot of faith, and I really had to do it despite my fear. And it really was just a complete trust fall into the arms of God.

And because my landlord didn’t seem to be too thrilled that I had decided to move and was constantly complaining about how expensive the upkeep of my apartment was, I was so sure that I was just not going to get a security deposit back – and it was a lot of money. And so, I just thought there’s no way that’s going to get returned to me, even though I really needed it.

And little did I know God was making a way the entire time. When I was scared, he was simultaneously moving things in order to help me get that security deposit back. And he was really working behind the scenes to encourage my landlord to sell his property. It was this very random idea that he had that he was just not going to own that property anymore.

And so, within a couple of weeks, the property sold, and my landlord just sent me my security deposit back this week, just in time for my car to get some new brakes. And so, while his returning the money was a miracle in itself, the peace that God has given me these last couple of weeks in this transition before the money even came was the true gift. And even when I was taking that leap of faith and feeling so scared, I still felt peace because I knew that God was going to provide for me. And the access to that peace truly comes from the gift of Christ and from the Holy Spirit.

And so, as we move into the application part of this devotional, I want you to ask yourself if you truly believe that God is there to supply your needs. Do you recognize his hand when he provides for you? Do you go to him first when you experience a need? And do you really believe that he loves you and cares for you enough to meet it? In the APPLY section of your journal, write how this scripture applies to your life, personally and specifically. So, pause the recording and then press play when you are ready to continue.

Okay. Now I want us to move on to the RESPOND section. And I just want you to remember the times that God has supplied your needs – both material and spiritual or emotional. Just build an altar in your notes and keep track of these little reminders of when God has answered your prayers and what he’s done for you so you can go back and look and remember that God is there. He’s there even in the midst of your fear. In the midst of your sadness, in the midst of all of your problems. He is there, and he is working out a solution for you because he just loves you and he wants to provide for you. And he wants to care for you. And he loves it when we rely on him. So, remember the times that he has shown up for you and write those down in the RESPOND section, and then we will continue and end with prayer.

So now, in the PRAY section, write down your prayer in response to this truth in your life. Thank God for your answered prayers, and thank him for speaking to you through his Word.

Let me pray for you.

Father, thank you for knowing our needs even before we pray for them. Thank you that you arrange our past, our present, and our future in a way that always guides and protects us. Without you, we are so lost; we are drifting. But with you, we have access to wisdom and guidance and unconditional love, and perfect peace. Thank you for not only seeing our burdens but for taking them on as your own so that we can surrender and trust you with our lives. In Jesus’ name, amen.