Journal - Bought With a Price - wk14

Bought With a Price
1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Week 14

Hey, y’all. It’s Daisy. And today, we are meditating on 1 Corinthians 6, verses 19-20. So, I will read the verse first, and then you will pause the recording and meditate on the verse on your own.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (NIV)
19 . . .You are not your own;
20 you were bought at a price.

So, in the MEDITATE section of your journal, as you are letting this verse sink in, just write what this verse says. Go and meditate on this verse and then come back when you are ready to continue with the devotional.

So, lately, I have been living my life through the lens of this verse. And it’s just this idea that every decision that I make is an opportunity for me to really recognize and reflect my value. To reflect the idea that I was purposefully created and that I am here to really be a vessel of love and to really bear the fruit of the Spirit. And I was not just randomly tossed here. I was brilliantly created. I was handcrafted. And when I live from my own view of myself, this human view of myself, I get sloppy, and I get lazy. And my words and my actions don’t really amount to much.

But when I’m operating out of the understanding and the awareness that I am deeply loved, that I am divinely created, that I am chosen, then the decisions that I make carry such a more powerful weight to them. And it’s in everything. It’s from the way that I dress to the way that I engage with other people, to the way that I talk to myself, and to my worldview. Everything encompasses love, purpose, and gratitude. And so, everything becomes far more important.

And as we move into the application part of this devotional, I just want you to think about the way that you see yourself and explore this idea of what your life would look like if every single decision that you made was impacted by the idea that you have been bought and paid for. And that your life is meant to be a vessel of God’s love and glory. In the APPLY section of your journal page, go ahead and reflect on this and write down how the truth in this verse applies to your life. And when you’re done, continue this recording, and we will carry on to the response section.

Okay. So, now for the RESPOND section of your journal. What are some areas of your life where you are really ready to surrender your independence? What are the areas of your life where you’re ready to (not just make lazy choices) align yourself with living your life through the lens of bringing glory to God? So, go ahead and respond, and we will move on, and I will close us out in prayer.

Now, in the PRAY section, be sure to write your prayer to God. Pray to align your heart with his will in this matter, and be sure to thank him.

Okay, let’s pray.

God, thank you for choosing me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for helping me to see that infusing my life with your love is so important, and it makes my presence on this earth so potent. Thank you for giving me more purpose and more fulfillment than this world could ever even offer me. I pray that you would help me to surrender my life and this image that I have of myself to you. And that you would help me to make decisions big and small through the lens of how much you have sacrificed to bring me home to you. In Jesus’ name, amen.