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Hi everybody, it’s Pastor Dave. We are on a “This Week” page at the beginning of the week. So, if you have a journal, grab it and get ready to write. And if you don’t, just, please – especially today – just stop what you’re doing. Just spend a few minutes with God and with Daisy today.

Daisy has just really something special to share with you. One of the reasons that we love her and love her being part of this ministry is her transparency. When she struggles, when she wrestles with God, she’s just real. She’s real, and she’s willing to be real on your behalf to maybe (I mean, she’s just being real), but maybe it’s to model for you what transparency with God looks like.

So, this is a special “This Week” day. So, you can open your journal. Look, sometimes you don’t have to be so technical about the journal. Sometimes, you don’t have to write exactly what the journal says or answer the questions. Sometimes you just need to write. You just need to open up and just be transparent with God. And so, Daisy is going, like I said, she’s going to model that for you today. Man, I just pray that you would hear from God as Daisy shares her letter to God. And I pray that it might even inspire you to write a letter to God in honesty and transparency today in your journal. So, use your “This Week” page or any other journal. At the very least, just stop and spend this time with God.

So, without trying to explain anymore, let me turn it over to Daisy. Daisy, thank you for your letter today. It’s all yours.

Hey, y’all, it’s Daisy. Today, I just wanted to share something that I wrote in my Alone With God journal. I just want to urge you to please get a copy of this Alone With God journal so that you can follow along with our devotionals and really transform your relationship with God. You can get one at

So, today’s devotional is a bit different. And I’m going to try to make it through without crying, but I’m a softie. I’m sensitive. That’s how God made me. So, sometimes, I just cry. But this devotional is just a letter that I wrote to God, and it’s not perfect. It was my way of just clearing out a lot of fear, and it helped me to pour my heart out to him, honestly. But in doing so, I was actually overcome with peace and was able to move forward into gratitude and focusing on what God is doing to benefit my life. So, I hope that sharing this encourages you to lift up your eyes to God and see what he is trying to show you.

Dear God,
I’m so scared sometimes, and I really wish I wasn’t. My car started squeaking today, and now I am so scared to take it into the shop because I don’t want them to tell me something is wrong with it. That must seem so silly to you.
But why can’t life just be easy? I’m exhausted. Why am I so sure of you one minute and then left feeling so fragile when something difficult happens? I am so tired of being stressed out, especially about money. I feel like such a disappointment and a total flake when I get like this.
I think about how Jesus went into the wilderness. Was it a test of his faithfulness, or was he sent there to suffer? Were you giving him the opportunity to help him discipline himself and hold on to his faith? Is that what you are trying to do in my life this week? ’Cause you sure are testing me.
God, I am so scared, but I do trust you. I’ll turn toward your goodness. I’ll remember you… I’ll remember you like you’ve always remembered me. Please hold my hand through this. I can do brave things and face uncertainties as long as you promise not to let go of me. Please don’t let go.

Whew! Hi. It is Daisy from about five minutes later. I did cry. I cried writing that letter. I cried reading that letter. And it’s not a sad cry. I’m not crying because I am sad. I’m crying . . . it was the line where I wrote, “I will remember you like you have always remembered me.” Because in that moment, I just realized I was being scared for nothing. I’m always remembered by God. God has never abandoned me. He’s never left me alone to deal with anything, and I just think it gets so scary out in this physical world, and it feels so real. And I have to remind myself that this is – all of this – doesn’t really matter, you know. What matters is that I was created and that I’m loved. And that I have a purpose. And that God is behind me every step of the way. And I just feel really thankful. And even in those moments where I’m pouring my heart out to God, and I’m saying, “I’m so scared,” God is reminding me that there’s no need to be and is always bringing me back to a place of courage, and of love, and of gratitude.

And so, I know that I’m still crying, but these are happy tears. I’m fine. And I am just really thankful that I get to share this with you. I just want you to know that God really loves you. He really loves you, and when I do these devotionals every week, I just want you to know that I pray for you on my own time. I pray that my devotionals will help you. And all I really want is to just be here for you guys, and to open up in front of you, and share my heart. And I just feel like that’s what God’s calling me to do, so that’s what I’m going to do. So, even though it is embarrassing that I’m crying in front of everyone, I would not do it if I didn’t feel like God wanted me to do it.

So, just know that I love you. I’m praying for you. I’m excited that we are all in this together, and I’m thankful to be a part of your community. And it really means so much that you have let me into your homes – you’ve let me into your life – even just through doing this. So, thank you for giving me a place and for letting me have a purpose here. And God is going to take care of you. So, you’re not alone. And don’t be afraid. We’re going to get through this together and God is leading the way. So, I love you. Have a good week.

Listen, guys. We want you to be real with God. We want to be real with God. And we want to share with you what God is doing in our lives to, prayerfully, inspire you to share with God what he’s doing in your life – to be transparent and to be honest and to write. If you can write, write. Write these things to God. It just helps so much.

Listen, you can contact us for anything you want. Go there. Find out about the ministry. There’s so much going on there. If you would like these daily devotions by text, you can text the word DEVO to (877) 790-WORD. (877) 790-9673. Text the word DEVO there and we will text you these daily devotions.

Daisy, thank you again. Thank you for being part of this ministry. And, Tricia, we feel the same way about Tricia. God has just made such an incredible team here. And it’s for you guys. It’s for you. So, embrace it, and thank God, and support the ministry if God leads you to. You can support the ministry at

Alright. Love you guys, talk to you tomorrow. Bye-bye.

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Vicki Rivers - April 22nd, 2024 at 11:26am

Thank you for being so vulnerable with us today. God is our refuge and ever present help when I’m in trouble. When I stop and turn to Him I receive peace, for He does care for me. God bless you❤️