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Hi everybody, it’s Pastor Dave from Word By Mail. Good Monday morning to you, if it’s a Monday when you’re listening. For us, it is Monday, and we are looking at the “This Week” page in our Alone With God journal. So, if you have an Alone With God journal, grab it and open it up to the “This Week” page. If you don’t have an Alone With God journal, you should check it out at

In fact, really, you should go there and check it out. See the Bible teaching ministry and the devotion guide ministry that has been built over twenty-two years at Go there. Check it out. Better yet, download the Word By Mail app from your app store. So much going on in the areas of Bible teaching and daily devotion guides. That’s what this is, so let’s get to it.

On our “This Week” page in our Alone With God journal, it’s very, very simple. We just want to set our sights on the week. We want to start the week off right by spending a minute with God and really recommitting our lives to him for another week. And so, on the “This Week” page in the Alone With God journal, it simply says, “My prayers are:” and “My Spiritual Focus is:” It’s very simple. We want to help you take a minute to focus on what God has you doing this week. Set your spiritual plan for this week, and it will direct your entire life plan for the week. I’m going to give you a chance to do that after I share a scripture with you and pray.

Psalm 37 is one of our favorites. Open your Bible; you’ve got to open your Bible. Open your Bible and turn it to Psalm 37. We’ll be doing verses 3-5. Pause this recording if you need to go get your Bible, that’s super important to do that. I use the New Living Translation, the NLT. You pick up whatever Bible you’ve got, and let’s get to it.

Psalm 37:3-5 (NLT)
3 Trust in the Lord and do good. Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.
4 Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires.
5 Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.

Let me go back and expand these verses a little bit for you. Verse 3 says, 3 Trust in the Lord and do good. Do what’s right. And Then . . . That’s important to see the word Then. Then you will live safely in the land and prosper. It’s a “grow where you’re planted” type verse. It’s being at peace where you’re at. It’s being at peace where you’re at in life and physically. And the prospering, of course, don’t make it worldly, financial, fleshly. It’s so much deeper than that. It’s prospering in the Lord.

And then verse 4 says, 4 Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires. Again, this isn’t your fleshly heart desires, not your worldly heart desires; it’s not your materialistic heart desires. If you take delight in the Lord right where you’re at, right where you’re at – you’re trusting God, you’re doing what’s right, you’re at peace where you’re at. You Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires because if you’re taking delight in the Lord and not the things of this world or your flesh, then your heart’s desires are going to be in line with God’s will, and with what God’s will is for you. So, Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires.

And then, verse 5 says, 5 Commit everything you do to the Lord. Commit everything you do to the Lord. Don’t compartmentalize your life. Don’t say, well, this is this, and that’s the Lord’s. I’ll commit everything to the Lord on Sunday, but hey, it’s Monday, and it’s “me” time. Don’t do that. Commit everything you do this week to the Lord. And Trust him, and he will help you this week.

So, let me pray through these verses for you, and then I’m going to encourage you – if you have the Alone With God journal, go ahead and complete it. Put down your prayers and your spiritual focus. If you have any journal at all, after I pray through these verses, I want to encourage you to interact with the Lord on these verses and write, if you can.

Let me pray for you, and I’m going to pray through these verses.

Heavenly Father, help us to trust in you. Lord, help us to truly trust in you and do good, do what’s right, Lord. And God, help us to grow where we’re planted. Help us to live safely where we’re at and prosper, Lord – so much deeper than materialistically or worldly. But, Lord, may we prosper in you. May we prosper in you this week as we trust you and do good. And Lord, may we take delight in you. In fact, God, we commit right now to take delight in you, Lord. And God, we know that as we’re seeking first the Kingdom of God, as we’re taking delight in you, then our hearts will be aligned with your will, and you will give us our heart’s desires, Lord. And again, God, protect us from fleshly heart desires, worldly, materialistic desires, but Lord, may our hearts desire you. And then, Lord, we commit everything we do this week to you. We commit our week to you today. We trust you. We trust you for what you’re doing in our lives. We trust you, Lord, and we pray that you would help us this week to set our path according to your will, delighting in you, and committing everything we do to you. We pray, Lord, that you would pour out your Spirit on our lives and help us to walk in these verses this week. In your precious name, Jesus, amen.

Alright, guys. I hope you can write. If you find yourself a journaler, or can force yourself to journal, writing is so good for you. But at the very least, please read through these verses again. Meditate on them. Talk to God. Spend some time alone with God on these verses, thinking about your week, and it will get you off on the right foot.

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You can text us for any reason, at any time, at (877) 790-WORD. (877) 790-9673. And we will see you tomorrow. God bless your day – God bless your week. Bye-bye.

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