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Prayer - Thanks
by Tricia Reardon on February 22nd, 2023
Join Daisy as she shares her heart for the Alone With God journal and prays a prayer of thanksgiving.   Read More
Journal Guide - Temptation - Matthew 4:1-11
by Tricia Reardon on February 14th, 2023
Jesus spent forty days and nights in the desert and then was tempted, yet did not sin. As humans, we are all tempted, and it seems the enemy knows how to lure us away from God in our most desperate moments. Meditate on these verses from Matthew 4:1-11.  Read More
Journal Guide - Let Your Light Shine - Matthew 5:16
by Tricia Reardon on February 9th, 2023
As Christ-followers, God gives us the power to live a life of victory through the Holy Spirit. We are to be obedient in reflecting the light of Jesus to those around us, and allow others who may be different to let their light shine for the glory of God as well.  Read More
Journal Overview - 1 min
by Tricia Reardon on February 8th, 2023
Pastor Dave shares the Alone With God journal, showing you what it looks like and how it works, including the audio guides.  Read More
Devo - Transform Your Life
by Tricia Reardon on February 7th, 2023
It is in our time alone with God that we become transformed as we listen and respond to what the Holy Spirit impresses on our hearts through God’s Living Word. This devo is from the “Alone With God” series in the first message titled, "Get Alone With God."  Read More
Journal Guide - God's Love is Forever - Isaiah 54:10
by Tricia Reardon on February 7th, 2023
As humans, no matter how hard we try, we eventually let people down. It's just who we are as humans. But God never lets us down. He knows us to our very core, and he doesn't abandon us no matter how messy or chaotic our lives get. There is no limit to his love.  Read More
Journal Guide - Free From The Old You - Romans 8:1-2
by Tricia Reardon on February 2nd, 2023
Our sin can make us feel enslaved and overshadowed by this dark entity. But when Jesus saves us, he calls us to a new life and a new purpose, and he gives us a new identity. In that identity, we are free from the past and any condemnation of the old identity.  Read More
Journal Guide - Who is Jesus Christ? - Matthew 16:15
by Tricia Reardon on February 1st, 2023
Jesus asked his disciples at Caesarea Philippi who the world says he is. Then he asked, "Who do you say I am?" Who we believe Jesus is, truly, and what authority we believe he has in our lives will determine everything about our relationship with him.  Read More
Journal Guide - Pleasing God - Matthew 3:16-17
by Tricia Reardon on January 31st, 2023
What was it about Jesus being baptized that pleased God so much? And why did Jesus get baptized in the first place?   Read More
Journal Guide - Fresh Start - Lamentations 3:22-23
by Tricia Reardon on January 26th, 2023
When we mess up today, it's refreshing to know tomorrow is a brand new day with a new opportunity to experience God's love, mercy, and faithfulness. No matter how many times we have to repent, he is always willing to embrace us again.  Read More
Journal Guide - Deny Your Self - Mark 8:34-35
by Tricia Reardon on January 25th, 2023
Jesus tells us three things we must do to follow him. Jesus begins by saying we need to give up our own way, which may be the most difficult thing we can do.  Read More
Journal Guide - God Will Take Care of Us - Hebrews 13:5-6
by Tricia Reardon on January 24th, 2023
Frequently, trusting people is difficult. We don't like being vulnerable or exposed to what could happen if that trust is broken. However, God always keeps his promises, and he never leaves us.  Read More
Journal Guide - Seeing Halfway - Mark 8:22-25
by Tricia Reardon on January 18th, 2023
The Disciples didn't fully understand what it means to truly be following Jesus. We often don't "get it" spiritually, either. We can see Jesus halfway and not all of who he is. However, there is hope for us. Come meditate on these verses, and consider how they apply in your life.  Read More
Journal Guide - Desire - Psalm 37:4
by Tricia Reardon on January 17th, 2023
Desire - what does that word mean in your relationship with God? Are you desiring what he wants for you, or are you choosing your own way? Learning to trust God is a critical piece to surrendering your own desires and longing for his will in your life.  Read More
Journal Guide - The Appetizer For Jesus - Mark 1:7
by Tricia Reardon on January 12th, 2023
John the Baptist could be considered the appetizer for Jesus. As a Christian, have you ever thought about your life as being an appetizer for Jesus' return?   Read More
Journal Guide - Trust, Delight, Commit - Psalm 37:3-5
by Tricia Reardon on January 11th, 2023
When we trust in, take delight in, and commit everything we do to the Lord, he has promises for us. These verses in Psalm 37 are instructional and full of hope because as we align ourselves with God's will in our lives, our personal relationship with him grows.  Read More
Journal Guide - Rest - Matthew 11:28-30
by Tricia Reardon on January 10th, 2023
Being burdened and weary seems part of this life; however, it doesn't have to be. Jesus says to come to him, and he will give us true rest, which results from exchanging our burdens for his rest.  Read More
What Am I Grateful For? Wk01 - Psalm 65:8
by Tricia Reardon on January 7th, 2023
The "What Am I Grateful For This Week" page in your Alone With God journal is designed for you to look back on your week and think about how God has answered your prayers. Ask yourself how God has shown up this week, and then consider what you are grateful for.  Read More
Journal - Jesus is in Our Boat - wk01
by Tricia Reardon on January 5th, 2023
The Disciples were afraid because the storm they were in was terrifying. Jesus told his Disciples (and us), "Do not be afraid." That sounds easy, but many of us fail miserably at not having fear. Jesus came to calm our storms.  Read More
Journal - As I Have Loved You - wk01
by Tricia Reardon on January 4th, 2023
Jesus gives his Disciples, and us, a prioritized commandment. Jesus says we are to love each other just as or in the same way and to the same extent that he has loved us. And then he gives the why. But what does it all mean to us in our real lives?  Read More
Journal - Outcast - wk01
by Tricia Reardon on January 3rd, 2023
Jesus had compassion and drew close to those whom society had outcast. What does it look like to reflect that same attitude in our lives today?  Read More
This Week - 01
by Tricia Reardon on January 2nd, 2023
The "This Week" page in your Alone With God journal is designed for you to begin your week by doing some spiritual planning. You're sure to be blessed by joining Pastor Dave as he walks through this important page and focuses on Galatians 5:22-23 for the week ahead.  Read More
Devo - Rightly Reading God's Word
by Tricia Reardon on December 8th, 2022
God's Word can be plainly and simply known by the context of what you are reading.  Read More
Devo - Devotional Prayer
by Tricia Reardon on December 6th, 2022
Aligning our hearts and prayers with God's will is the pinnacle of the Christ-follower's prayer life.   Read More
Devo - Responding to God's Word
by Tricia Reardon on December 1st, 2022
Jesus wants to radically change every part of your life. We are truly transformed by God when we respond to what he calls us to do in obedient, faithful action.  Read More
Devo - Applying God's Word
by Tricia Reardon on November 29th, 2022
Application of God's Word in our life is where true transformation begins. Apply God's Word personally through the Holy Spirit and start a fire in your own life!  Read More
Devo - Meditating on God's Word
by Tricia Reardon on November 22nd, 2022
Our entire time alone with God is directed by God’s Word. Desire his words more than life, and marinate in them today.  Read More
Devo - Get Alone With God
by Tricia Reardon on November 17th, 2022
Having a supernatural, transforming relationship with God is absolutely possible. The first step is getting alone with him.  Read More
Wait in Silence
by Tricia Reardon on January 6th, 2022
Find a place, make a way, be determined . . . to wait in silence on the Lord. Have your Bible, with some scriptures ready (use our "Scripture By Topic" list). Consider using the Daily Devotion Journal. And . . . wait on the Lord. Get all the info at  Read More