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Transform Me Lord
April 30th, 2021
Our transformed life in Jesus Christ begins with giving all that we are to God and giving all of ourselves as a living and holy sacrifice to him because of all he has done for us. ...  Read More
All For His Glory
April 27th, 2021
Ultimately, it is all for his glory. It. Everything. It all begins with and it all ends with glory to God. ...  Read More
God Knows God Cares
April 22nd, 2021
Take some time and reflect on the fact that no matter how majestic and glorious God is, he remembers us, knows us, and will bless us. ...  Read More
God is With You
April 20th, 2021
When the Disciples thought they were going to drown in a storm, Jesus came walking to them on the water. But, he didn't say don't be afraid because I can walk on water. Instead, he said, "Take courage...  Read More
Mighty To Save
April 15th, 2021
Our God is mighty to save. He is mighty to redeem us, deliver us, and to keep us from falling. The POWER in our salvation is God's - not ours. Consider sharing this devotion with someone who needs the...  Read More
All of Me For Your Glory
April 13th, 2021
May all of it be all for God's glory. ...  Read More
Always Rejoicing
April 7th, 2021
We can have joy, encouragement, and spiritual riches in Christ regardless of the difficulty of our circumstances. ...  Read More
Feel Far From God Part 2
March 19th, 2021
PART 2 - What do you do when you feel separated from God? When you feel distant from him? When you feel like you can't sense his presence or hear his voice?...  Read More
Feel Far From God Part 1
March 15th, 2021
PART 1 - What do you do when you feel separated from God? When you feel distant from him? When you feel like you can't sense his presence or hear his voice?...  Read More
Driven By What We Love
March 4th, 2021
We are driven by what or who we love. ...  Read More
Praying Psalm 62
March 1st, 2021
Praying Psalm 62:5-8. We can find the peace of God as we wait and trust in him. ...  Read More
Really, Another Storm? Part 2
February 25th, 2021
We encourage you to read Part 1 of this Devotion - Really, Another Storm? Then in this devotion, we pray through the scriptures. Really take some time to get alone with God today. ...  Read More
Really, Another Storm? Part 1
February 23rd, 2021
Have you ever felt like you've had enough? That you can't take one more storm, one more difficulty, one more crisis? But then, instead of God giving you a break, it feels like he's sent you right into...  Read More
God Wins
February 1st, 2021
One of the things that make us Christ-followers is an unshakable confidence that when the dust finally settles, we know with absolute certainty, that God wins. And in Christ, we win when God wins. ...  Read More
A Shield Around Me
January 13th, 2021
When circumstances surround you, and you feel like they are crushing you, cry out to the Lord because your victory and your peace come from him. Trust in the Lord, and in the power of his strength. ...  Read More
Lord, You Are WITH me.
September 8th, 2020
If you have a Bible, grab it and turn it to Psalm 139 again today. It’s awesome if you can focus on your own Bible as we go through Psalm 139:7-12...  Read More
Lord, You KNOW me.
August 20th, 2020
Take 9 minutes to have a Real Daily Devotion with God. We've got the scripture right on the screen, or grab your Bible and meet God in his Word.......  Read More
Guard Your Heart - Podcast
August 14th, 2020
Join Pastor Dave for a Real Daily Devotion. If you can; grab your Bible, maybe something to make a few notes, and find a place to spend 10 minutes with God and His Word, in a real devotion time.......  Read More